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Seriously? A Gay Exorcism?


Seriously? A Gay Exorcism?

Jenny Kakasuleff

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June 26, 7:42 PM comments

A Manifested Glory Ministries church is shown Wednesday, June 23, 2009 in Bridgeport, Conn. Gay rights advocates are outraged over a video that shows the Connecticut church performing an apparent exorcism of a boy to drive out what they call his homosexual demons. (AP Photo/Douglas Healey)

Proving once again, that one need not rely on The Onion for their daily, news-based comic relief—there is just nothing better than the ridiculous things that people actually do. Scouring headlines, I often find myself asking, “Seriously? That actually happened?” In honor of this reaction, I have begun a new series, tentatively and appropriate titled, “Seriously?”

Ignorant Pastor + Stigmatized Black Teen = Gay Exorcism

A video has emerged illustrating the exorcism of a reportedly 16 year-old homosexual teenager by a Connecticut church—Manifested Glory Ministries—which had posted the activity on their website. Not surprisingly, the footage of the young, black man, flailing about on the floor, sometimes violently and to the point of physical illness as Pastor Patricia McKinney ordered the “homosexual demon” out of his body, has garnered some attention.

The suggestive power in this particular case is quite striking, considering that Pastor McKinney described the young man as deeply “religious and spiritual.” Viewing the video as a skeptic, there seems to be a natural progression of give-and-take between the pastor and the “possessed” teen. As the pastor’s tone grows increasingly aggressive, the teen’s body seems to convulse more violently; as the pastor urges onlookers to quiet down and stop moving—the boy then stops moving. When the pastor once again takes up a harsh, aggressive tone toward the “demon,” and places a hand on the boy’s forehead, he begins writhing about violently, once again. See what’s going on here? I wonder if the demon was cast out, but instinctively, I’d bet probably not.

Pastor McKinney spoke out to defend the ministry, insisting that they do not have anything against homosexuals, they just “don’t agree with their lifestyle.” She goes on to describe when she had been overtaken by the “crack-cocaine spirit,” (poor decision-making) that forced her to exorcise the demon (get clean), before founding the ministry to help others controlled by Lucifer (ignorance.)

It is unfortunate that a young man, who likely not only feels the pressure of being a racial minority, but who is obviously afflicted by his sexual orientation—the so-called double-minority—has been made to believe that his lifestyle should have a stigma attached to it. What is even more unfortunate; is the role that religion has played in the falsified views he holds against himself. It is doubtful that his publicly-broadcasted exorcism is going to serve any other purpose than to provoke further guilt and shame. The act of counseling homosexuals against their natural impulses is ludicrous, and religious folk should spend more time spreading love, instead of hate.

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