Friday, June 26, 2009

Re: shame on us - deviating from topic

Dear friends,
I found that some of you (Amit 69 <xtremesucker@...>, Angel <hairyandroid@...> ) have deviated from the topic and instead of discussing the main point, i.e., whether it is a logical decision to disclose your homosexuality when you are arrested by the police while attending a gay party, you are discussing my personal life. You are talking things like why I married my wife and why I am showing proud that I have disclosed my homosexuality to my wife after so many years.
I would like to clarify that I am not at all taking pround in my disclosure to her (I am actually repenting it). I always avoid writing anything about myself on these forums or anywhere else on the Internet. I wrote this only to point out the fact that although i am out to my wife and children, still I cannot take the risk of getting arrested by police. There was absolutely no other purpose. I am a little surprised why you people could not understand this simple thing. Please read my mail again. Have I anywhere shown any such proud?
Anyway, now that you have raised those questions, I am not able to resist my temptation to answer it.  Please go through my autobiography:
My above story does not contain how and why I disclosed to my wife. That happened after I wrote my story.
My disclosure has reduced my pain of taking birth as a homosexual to a great level (although it has also increased my problems very much), but my wife is now in much more pain than she was before. My children's pain also increased. By disclosing, I passed on my pain to my wife and children.
However, one thing. My wife loves me very much even after disclosure. I suggested that we will take divorce so that she can marry again. She started weeping. She said - "Let me live with your in your house. There is no man better than you in this world. I can live without sex but not without you. I have already suffered a lot. Please do not give me more pain."
A man is proposing me for last four years. I also like him. I have seen his photo. We remain connected through E-mail and on STD. But there is no chance for me. I cannot divorce my wife and, thus, get him. I have already told him to find another partner. I will get something only in next birth.
I am a coward. I am not brave enough to commit suicide. Please pray for my early death.

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