Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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I am a married guy from Pune, and cannot let my wife and family members know that I am gay / bisexual. I had planned to attend the party at lonavala village on 20th June along with a few gay friends. All my friends have issues about coming out with their sexuality and sexual orientation. Hence, most of us have to give excuses at home if and when we plan to attend such a party. On this particular day, since it rained heavily in the afternoon, we decided not to attend the party as our original plan was to go from Pune to Lonavala on bikes. Instead we decided to meet at one friend's flat as his parents were away. We had no choice as most of us had already informed our family members that we were going to a friends place, or some even had informed that they were working that day / night. We had some beer and food from 11pm to around 3am and then settled down to catch a few winks before getting back home. It was only the next day that we heard that cops had played spoilt sport and demanded a huge amount of cash to keep the press away and to let the party go-ers free. I was shocked and disgusted to hear this. Although my friends and I were relieved that we excaped, I found myself seething with anger from within and I am unable to brush off this feeling. WHY do we, with different sexual orientation, have to be subject to such humiliation and BLACKMAIL? I feel I should have been present at that party. I would not have paid the cops a single penny. Of course, my married life would have been shattered and I would have faced discrimination from family and friends, but I know that I am not wrong. At the same time, I wonder, would I have actually been able to let my family and friends know the real me? Very difficult question to answer! I end my comments on a sad note... THIS IS BLACKMAIL!! Can someone please help us??????


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