Monday, June 22, 2009

***In Search of a Soulmate***

Expecting my mate to be all - that is bit stretching it. But writing nothing ain't going to cut it either. In lieu of listening a bunch of qualities and coming across as prosaic, I'll say this: I am looking for a friend who measures up to my liberal beliefs and zest for life, who matches and contrasts with who I am; and, actually, a person I never want to stop learning about. I'd prefer to be chummy with someone who is willing to live his life walking between passion and poise; and, above all, willing to take an optimistic risk. I would be pleased to discover in him a gentle, soft, and vehemently forthcoming personality; and, not to mention, a rich sensuality requiring no exertion of will to animate it. Someone who does not fear what two exciting minds and delightful bodies would discover together.
If this sounds you I think everything else will fall into place.
Hoping the collision to be head-on.
Even if you lack that spark of passion I don't see why we can't at least say hello.

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