Saturday, July 04, 2009

pray that gays will now have the courage to withstand social pressure

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dear sir,
i am an ordinary indian citizen, a gay, who realised his sexuality after marriage [ or would never have]. the trauma of leading a double life & cheating on his wife is not what any gay would want. yet, over the years, our conditioning [specially because of the criminal angle to male to male sex], has made us succumb to pressure & marry a girl, thereby ruining the lives of all involved. this judgement is a landmark judgement for the society at large, because it recognizes the individuality of a human being to choose how he wants to live his life in the society, without being looked down upon as a criminal.
i only wish & pray that gays will now have the courage to withstand social pressure & say an emphatic NO to hetrosexual matrimony, understanding that they have been given the freedom to choose by this judgement. gays should also remember that now their conscience will never let them rest at peace if they still choose to marry, inspite of the recognition of their choice by the society.
i wish to congratulate and thank all those gay activists who have suffered the brunt of coming out in the open to take up cudgels on behalf of closeted cowards like us -- to make india a better place to live in for gays, henceforth.

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