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Let's Not Keep It Straight

Let's Not Keep It Straight

By: Kumar Saurav and Swati Kumari


Date:  2009-06-29





As we stand on the threshhold of legally accepting gayness, straights shore up india's biggest pro-gay rally in Delhi

They say man must love man, but make a big deal out of it when they do.

But, the noise at this year's edition of the Queer Pride Parade in the capital was as positive as it was powerful. With about 700 people in attendance, it was one of the biggest gay rallies India has seen till date.

"I am in a homosexual relationship for the past 18 years and I have lived every moment with pride. My boyfriend even poisoned himself when I didn't accept his proposal.

Stand Up, Speak Up: With around 700 people showing their support, the Queer Pride Parade in Sthe capital yesterday became one of the biggest gay rallies the country ever witnessed.

I loved him, but what's the harm in acting pricey? Girls like it that way, and so do I," said Rahul, an employee with a multinational management firm.
However, not many share Rahul's ideas. Many bachelors were spotted seeking partners, who wanted to ride high on new bonds.

"My single status hurts me. I am looking for a long-term relationship where we can live a marital life, baby-sit and grow old to meet the end," said Rishi, a fashion stylist.
One platform

This time around, the representation was not only bigger, but also diverse, with people from far-off states and even the straight section of the society joining in.

Adding to the loud declaration of homosexuality, were academicians, housewives, pet owners and parents of homosexual kids.

"When my daughter told me she's a lesbian. I paused for a while,  and said, 'It's okay beta. I am fine till it's love'," said 52-year-old businesswomen Shipra Gupta.
And even the weather seemed to smile for the parade, as clouds gathered for a small shower and brought down the mercury.

"I think it's a divine sign that Section 377 should be scrapped. That's when democracy will live to its promise," said Shantanu Moitra, a graduate.
Shouting slogans like 'Down with 377' and 'Proud to be homos,' and dancing to the tunes of drummers, close to 500 people marched towards Jantar Mantar from Barakhamba Road.
Colour show

Dressed in beautiful coloured attires and masks, the marchers expressed their anger against the violence and forceful marriages of homosexuals.

The community also showed their annoyance against law enforcing agencies even though the deployed forces made sure that the procession was peaceful.
But even as a head constable echoed the question several policemen were seen asking, "Bhaisahab yeh gay kya hota hai, yeh to main janata hoon, par lesbians aur transgenders kyaa hoten hain?" Others were giving a nod in acceptance, probably a sign of times to come.



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