Friday, July 03, 2009

Catholic Christian groups in India set to challenge the 377 Delhi High Court verdict in the Supreme Court.


LEGAL BUT UNWELCOME: Gays and lesbians in India are still not welcome in the religious places in India.

New Delhi: They might have won the battle in the court, but gays and lesbians in India are still not welcome in the temples, mosques or churches. The Catholic Christian groups in country are set to challenge the Delhi High Court verdict in the Supreme Court.

Reverend Stephen Alathara of the Kerala Catholic Bishop Council says, "We have been assured by Government Ministers that homosexuality will not be legalised. We will go to the Supreme Court against the verdict along with other catholic groups."

And it's not the just the church. Opposing homosexuality is one issue that has brought all religious leaders together.

Hindu Godman Baba Ramdev and Muslim Ulema from the Deoband have already cautioned the Government against legalising homosexuality.

"We will make sure that the Government will not bring any changes in the law," says a member of the famous Lucknow seminary of Firangi Mahal.

As decibels rise, the Government zeal to change the law is diminishing. A high-level meeting of the Home Minister, Health Minister and the Law Minister at the North Bloc failed to reach a consensus on the future course of action.

"We three ministers met to analyse Section 377 and we have analysed it. Now we will submit a small note on the same to the Prime Minister for appropriate action to be taken," says Law Minister Veerappa Moily.

There is no consensus among the ministers and if the debate reaches Parliament, the UPA Government will be at the receiving end from the BJP as well as parties like the RJD and the Samajwadi Party, which are also taken bitterly opposed to gay rights.




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