Thursday, September 03, 2009

VOCAL CONCERT*-Mumbai_invitation

The Chairman and the Members of the Managing Committee


of the Suburban Music Circle have great pleasure in inviting you to


















*ON Sunday the 6**th** September 2009, at 05.00 P.M. At Sheila Raheja Hall,*


*Rotary Service Centre, Jn. of Juhu Road & Juhu-Tara Road, Juhu*




An accomplished vocalist, Shaila Hattangadi’s classicism reflects in her Thumri-Dadra, Ghazal and devotional renditions. *Trained initially by her mother Smt. Mira Gulwadi (a disciple of Pt. S.C.R.Bhat and Pt. Chidanand

Nagarkar) *Shaila pursued her classical and light-classical * Taleem with Pt. Chandrashekhar* *Rele*, Guru-Bandhu of Pt Kumar Gandharva and senior disciple of Pt. B. R. Deodhar. Her music has also been embellished by Thumri stalwarts of the Banaras Gharana such as * Pt.* *Bholanath Mishra* and sitar maestro *Ustad Jamaluddin Bharatiya*


Renowned light-music composer *Jaidevji groomed* *her,* and under his direction she sang for prestigious radio and television programmes, apart from films like Jumbish and Ardha Satya. His compositions also adorned her *debut album of ghazals released by HMV

* which received rave reviews. Shaila’s *Krishna Bhajan album titled Kaise Byahun Radhe* was later released by CBS (India). Her forthcoming album of -style *classical-based vintage (riwaayati-andaz) ghazals* is due for release soon. Shaila has performed extensively in India and abroad where she has regaled audiences with her vast repertoire of light-classical and folk compositions. Combining an academic background of a *Master’s degree in History * with her training and experience in music, *Shaila has also contributed to research projects in Ethnomusicology at Columbia University, New York.*


Some of Shaila’s notable performances within the country include the 200th *commemorative session of the Rajya Sabha in December 2003, the Sahitya Kala Parishad’s annual Ghazal festival* in New Delhi, Mumbai’s Nehru Centre, Lucknow Mahotsav, and her light-classical concerts on *Sawan* and *Holi* at the Indian International Centre, New Delhi.  She was also *selected by Pandit Jasraj to sing his compositions in the traditional dance ballet Kaan Kahani

Sunyo** * *Kare.* Among her notable solo concerts abroad are those at *Harvard University’s Fogg Art Museum in the Festival-of-India series, *at the *International Peace Festival at Medford near Boston, at the Bahar Festival in London, the SAARC Peace Concert at Berkeley, Californ*ia, at the *Indian Consulates General in Dubai, Australia, Mauritius and South Africa. *




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