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Parenting/Yuva mags focus on homosexuaity

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(i) Volume 17, No. 9, July 2009 issue of Parenting
(, India's homegrown magazine on pregnancy,
baby and child issues, now in its 17th year, has a very sensible
article "Talking to Kids about Being Gay" on how to bring up sexual
orientation topics with pre-school and school-age kids. Note that
this issue came out before the 377 judgement. Some quotes...

"... most parents would agree that it's always important to teach our
kids that all people must be treated fairly, humanely and with

"... there's always the possibility that one of your children could,
in fact, be gay. And no doubt you'll want them to know that they are
still loved and treasured as individuals. You'll also be hoping that
they don't some day face terrible discrimination, verbal or physical
abuse. As well. you may have a friend, relative of acquaintance, who
is openly or quietly gay, and you'll want to ensure that they're not
offended by our own family's ill-informed remarks.... and frankly
you'll want to ensure that your kids don't exhibit unnecessary fear,
ignorance or cruelty... when faced with eunuchs on the streets".

"Experts note that it's not always necessary to actually talk about
sex with you're discussing sexual orientation with kids... [i]t's more
important for children to understand that a loving relationship can
sometimes be shared between two men or two women, in a similar way
that men and women, who are heterosexual, care for each other".

(ii) Vol 1, Issue 6, July 16, 2009 of Yuva, billed as The Magazine for
Young India, has an editorial and a series of articles on the cover
theme 'Gay and Free: young homosexuals look forward to a guilt-free

Surprisingly homoerotic (for a mainstream youth magazine: I first
spotted it in the hands of teenage girl at the bookstall in Delhi
airport) cover at

The lead article by Shalini Seth has quotes from several lgbt-india
and khush listmembers including Nitin Karani, Geeta Kumana, Vikram
Doctor and Parmesh Shahani. There's also a nice first-person essay
"What the Regular Guy wants" by Keith Fernandez. about the 377 ruling
and how it's changed him " more trawling for sexual fulfillment
behind grimy toilets. No more groping around in the dark in
neighbourhood buildings".

Check these magazines out, and if possible, consider writing to them
appreciating their inclusion of LGBT content.



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