Friday, August 14, 2009

Female spouses of MSM

Female spouses of MSM

Female spouses of men who is having sex with men (MSM) is a population group
who are hidden and their problems and concerns are seldom explored by policy
makers and researchers.

Homosexuality has been illegal in India since 1861, when British rulers
codified a law prohibiting "carnal intercourse against the order of nature
with any man, woman or animal." The law, known as Section 377 of India's
penal code, has long been viewed as an archaic holdover from colonialism by
its detractors.

In their decision, Chief Justice A. P. Shah and Justice S. Muralidhar
declared Section 377, as it pertains to consensual sex among people above
the age of 18, in violation of important parts of India's Constitution.
"Consensual sex amongst adults is legal, which includes
even gay sex and sex among the same sexes," they said.

The old law violates Article 14 of the Constitution, which guarantees all
people "equality before the law;" Article 15, which prohibits discrimination
"on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth;" and Article
21, which guarantees "protection of life and personal liberty," the judges

India's society is generally unwelcoming of homosexuality except in the most
cosmopolitan circles. It is not uncommon for gay men and women to marry
heterosexuals and have families, while carrying on secret relationships with
members of the same sex.

NDTV Features editor Ms. Sutapa Deb is doing a TV story on the concerns of
female spouses of men who is having sex with men and Ms. Sutapa would like
to contact with Delhi based female spouses of MSM to be interviewed for her
documentary on MSM related issues.

If any of the members of this FORUM who are the Female spouses of MSM are
-confidentially- willing to talk to Ms. Sutapa may contact her by e-mail:
sutapa@ndtv. com



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