Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gay penguin couple split when the bi guy finds traditional mate

Gay penguin couple split when the bi guy finds traditional mate

July 17, 9:26 PM
Harry and Pepper in their happier days, before Linda came along.

Uh oh, the famous gay couple of penguins, Harry and Pepper, at the San Francisco Zoo (of all places), split up, when the bisexual guy, Harry, became infatuated with LInda and moved in next door.

You can't make this stuff up. It's a real-life "Peyton Place" (or "Desperate Housewives" for those of you who may find that reference a bit dated).

Harry and Pepper have been together six years—which is long in both gay years and penguin years. They were even becoming great role models for their alternative lifestyle among the 50 penguins congregated at the zoo, which has the most penguins in captivity in North America.

Harry and Pepper raised and nurtured an egg together. The child did well and lives among them now.

But, Harry became infatuated by a recent widower, Linda, who's partner, Fig, died. Harry dumped his longtime male partner and nested with Linda, and are now raising two children of their own.

This is not good for bisexuals. It buys into a lot of stereotypes, like the bi person will leave the same-sex relationship for a "safe" coupling eventually.What the news has not reported, is whether there was any peer pressure among the other 50 penguins.

There were reports that Pepper tried to visit Harry and Linda a few times, but Harry didn't go back to his flamboyant friend. There was no cheating on Linda.

My most emphatic note is that this is not always true. I've known plenty of bisexuals who have monogamous partners with same-sex or opposite sex people. Don't use Harry's unceremonious dumping of Pepper as an excuse to avoid dating a bisexual.

These poor penguins were under the spotlight for so long, the pressure of being the "perfect same-sex couple" in the animal kingdom must have been as tough as Rod & Bob or Melissa & Julie. Certainly, living in the same city as the man who promoted same-sex marriage in California didn't help.

Don't gauge all bisexual relationships with the triangle between Harry, Pepper and Linda!

Check out the video of Harry & Pepper's break-up below, and a slide show, too.

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