Saturday, June 13, 2009

For what god has given us an Anal Canal

Interesting  post on Pasting it below

Hello Guys...

This is Anish from Mumbai.

There was a post regarding the Anal canal. I read that God has given it for only one reason.

I completely agree with this fact that God has given us the Anal Canal just for passing stools


If a solid rod (Penis) / or any such foreign item is passed through it, it can injure the canal and can cause hemorrhoids, Piles, fissures, severe injury which takes months to recover.

I agree to this point on Sec 377 and words in Islam and Christianity

Yes I had it with my ex - boyfriend using an anesthetic gel against my wish to satisfy my love back in December. Days passed and I started bleeding on the 10th day of intercourse. I was not able to pass stools in the morning and it was getting harder to do this as days passed. On the 20th day I underwent a surgery. After surgery for the next one month the pain was unbearable and I used to cry and shout loudly every day. The doctor was kind to me and he knew that I had an intercourse a month back. I have lost about 10 kgs due to dieting on avoiding oily and spicy food. He has kept this info confidential and asked to me stay away from intercourse. He advised me to take interest in girls.

When I was in hospital Not a single Gay Friend of mine came to see me. I informed about 10 gay friends and about 8 straight friends. All 8 straight friends (they know I am Gay) came to see and wish me. Not a Single Gay friend including my Ex visited me or called me for my well being. Instead they started avoiding me. (May be because they cant use me any more!! or may be they thought if they come they may face criminal 377 charges!!)

I am thinking of being friends only with my straight friends because they are the best..

Being a Gay the experience has ruined my life and now I am not able to live a happy life and not able to concentrate in studies and at work. When that guy came to know about this thing he dumped me then and there.

Just shared my experience.

All those people who are very much interested in Anal sex and want to get F****D every week end. My sincere advice, just for 5 mins of pleasure don't risk your life because its precious. Yes Life's Precious, your parents, cousins, your home they are precious, Just hooking up with multiple partners will give you 1% pleasure and 99% pain and No satisfaction or self respect.
Have visited 5 doctors including Alopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurved, Nothings working on me and I am in Pain. I am going to Ernakulam for further treatment of laser thearapy to see if it works. Have spent almost Rs. 50000 in the treatment.

So guys take care.




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